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The Promise in Glen Rose

The Promise is a one-of-a-kind musical production held at The Texas Amphitheater in Glen Rose, Texas. It combines a 200-person cast, live animals and breath-taking technology to tell the story of the life of Jesus Christ in modern family-friendly fashion. Patrons have called it a "life-changing experience", "an outstanding performance", and "very inspirational".

With its start in 1989, The Promise has called home the largest permanent outdoor amphitheater in the state, seating over 3200 people. The Promise is the only outdoor production with a moat: a 45,000-gallon waterway, running the length of the structure and separating the stage from the seating area. The Texas Amphitheater stage has 40 ft. walls and arches that tower above a 4,000 sq. ft. tri-level stage. It is also the only outdoor theater in the nation with a rain curtain.

The Promise Impact

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