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Established in Glen Rose in 1989

In 1984, 15 Texas business men came together to be a part of a ministry, and discuss the opportunity to produce an outdoor passion play in North Texas.

The men who gathered that day were Robert Flournoy, attorney of Lufkin, Thomas Flournoy, Real Estate Broker and investor of Lufkin, Larry Lasiter, engineer from Lufkin, Ron Corley, orthopedic surgeon of Lufkin, Philip Hobson, owner of a heating and air conditioning company in Weatherford, Pastor Jim Hylton of Ft. Worth, Bernie Daughtery, commercial contractor from Houston, Alex Azar, banker of Fort Worth, Lynn Bitner, banker of Fort Worth, Ronald Owens, a business
man from Mineral Wells, Bill James, owner of a commercial drapery company from DFW, Pete Claytor, assistant to Evangelist Crusades James Robinson From DFW, J.T. Adams, a composer and musical director, David Sanders, engineer and finance manager of Calvary Cathedral of Fort Worth, David Humphrey, music director of First Baptist Church Dallas, and Lon Williams, a newspaper editor from Mineral Wells. They began with the intentions of producing a production called “Worthy is the Lamb”, and ended with the production of the 34 year long running, treasure of Texas, The Promise, which opened its gates for the first time in the fall of 1989 in Glen Rose. Of the original founders, only one remains active today, Philip Hobson. The present board of directors consists of Dr. Aimee Flournoy, Mr. Phillip Straham, Pastor Owen McKnight, and Mr. Dan Delgado.

Over the years, The Promise has been performed in Moscow Russia, Branson, Missouri, and Seoul, Korea, all the while maintaining its performances in Glen Rose, TX. In the fall of 2022, The Promise will celebrate 34 consecutive years of
performances at the Texas Amphitheatre in Glen Rose, TX.
Based on Scripture the book for The Promise was written by Christian writer Jan Dargatz, and incorporated the music of award-winning Christian artists carefully selected by Christian songwriter Gary Rhodes. The Promise brings a modern touch to the most amazing story ever told as Jesus reaches out to people and changes lives. With its sweeping musical score, live animals, and a cast and crew of more than 150 dedicated Christian artists, The Promise is truly the experience of a lifetime. 
In 2022, The Promise celebrates 34 years of performances at the Texas Amphitheatre–the largest permanent outdoor
theatre in the state. With its Greco-Roman design and 3,200 seating capacity, this state-of-the-art facility is unexpectedly
intimate, making it the perfect place to experience The Promise. Sets for The Promise were designed by renowned set designer Peter Wolf. Many features of the Texas Amphitheatre itself help communicate the story in a modern way–a water-filled moat, rain curtain, lighting truss with 600+ instruments, digital sound system, and more. Audiences truly have an extraordinary experience at The Promise in Glen Rose, Texas.

The Promise is performed at the $8.5 Million state-of-the-art Texas Amphitheatre. The Texas Amphitheatre opened its gates for the first time in October of 1989 to host the first performance season of The Promise.
With 3,250 fixed seats and availability for up to 5000 with bleachers and lawn, the Amphitheatre really draws a crowd.
The Texas Amphitheatre stage has forty foot walls and arches that tower above a 4,000 square foot tri-level stage. A 45,000 gallon waterway, which runs the length of the structure, separates the stage from the seating area. The Promise is the only outdoor production with a moat. The Texas Amphitheatre is the only outdoor theatre in the nation with a rain curtain

"We took our youth group and they loved it ! The staff was awesome and very accommodating, they put us on the front row! Highly Recommend"

"Fabulous presentation & ambiance under the stars...next time in Glen Rose, I will attend again!"

"This is watching part of the bible unfold before your eyes. Outstanding!!!"


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