If you feel a desire to become part of something powerful, awe-inspiring and bigger than yourself, think about joining our team of talented and dedicated volunteers. Their desire to share the Gospel through The Promise is expressed through their gifts of time and energy.  Our volunteers give back to the community and share their precious time with us in our endeavor to grow His Kingdom!

Without the volunteers at The Promise, we could not accomplish what it takes to make our ministry great. The Promise volunteers receive many wonderful benefits: an amazing opportunity to share our faith, spectacular scenery, discounts, free access to the show and of course, being surrounded by great people!

What Opportunities Are Available?


Greeters are the first people that our patrons see when they arrive!  Our greeters learn all about The Promise, our facility, seating, and how to help our patrons choose their “best seats”.


Ushers are the front line of patron care!  Our ushers learn all about The Promise, our facility, seating, how to help our patrons to their correct seat, solve problems, and keep order during the performance.

Prayer Team

Prayer team pray for and with our patrons, cast, crew, staff and volunteers!  The most important part of our ministry and mission is to share the Gospel. For those attending our performances, this may be their first experience with the Bible, and they have questions and are seeking to be closer to Him. Others may be mature Christians, those who have turned their backs on Him, or need answers. Members of our prayer team must be equipped to lead people to salvation.

Gift Shop 

Gift shop volunteers help the staff keep these retail areas interesting and inviting places to shop. Volunteers assist in customer service, merchandise display and organization.

Special Event Ambassadors

Special event ambassadors meet and greet the public at designated events, hand out group information, posters, brochures and help assist individuals in making reservations!  Our Ambassadors learn all about The Promise, it’s rich history, facility, seating, and all of the tiny pieces that make this organization and production so exciting!

Special Projects

Special projects volunteers are plumbers, electricians, painters, masons, carpenters, welders, and more!  The Promise in always in need of help updating and fixing up our facility! If you have a special skill that you would like to lend, please contact us!

Inquire by calling 254-897-3926 or fill out this volunteer form!

Become a volunteer!

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